IPS at ISS Latin America 2018 - Panama City
Panama City
IPS at ISS Latin America 2018 - Panama City
IPS will be Associate Lead Sponsor at ISS Latin America (8-10 October 2018, Hilton Panama City - Panama City).

ISS Latin America is the leading event for Governments’ and LEAs’ analysts and Telecommunication service providers. ISS Latin America is the premier event completely dedicated to the Communication Intelligence (Lawful Interception, Electronic Surveillance and Investigations, Network Intelligence, OSINT).

IPS invites you to the following conferences:

Command and Control Center for covert field operations using Audio, Video and GPS feeds

Automatic Exploitation of Social Network, Deep and Dark Web to complement traditional Lawful Interception Infrastructure

How to monitor Public Sentiment with a platform able to listen, analyse and react to propaganda campaigns on Social Media

Lawful Interception in 2018. VoLTE and encrypted services like Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram. How Social Media Intelligence benefits investigators in a holistic vision

Please contact us if you are interested to visit the exhibition and get a free VIP pass or to fix a date for a demonstration in our booth. Our technical experts will be available to solve your Communication Intelligence needs with in-depth discussions (Monitoring Centre for Lawful Interception, Command and Control Centre for Electronic Surveillance, IP Intelligence, OSINT for Web, Deep and Dark Web, Social Media and Forum).