Lawful Interception

Lawful Interception

Passive and active systems for the interception of traditional telephony services as well as the more sophisticated Internet applications

Lawful Interception

In a digital world is essential identify and analyze the communications to solve the investigations. The Intelligence Departments and the Law Enforcement Agencies need quickly analyze data from different sources.

We support these needs with a Monitoring Center platform for Lawful Interception operating on any network. The platform can record any kind of audio, video and data content with real-time listening / viewing features, offline analysis tools to build intelligence information, tools for back-office editing data and to export data to mobile devices. Thanks to its powerful and user friendly interface, the Monitoring Center helps LEA's operators to perform deep analysis of the available data, allowing to carry on complex investigations through extremely simple and effective correlation and search tools. The Monitoring Center has a modular and centralized architecture, is customizable for specific local needs and it is easily expandable to include future communication protocols and technologies. An advanced investigative platform for intelligence and forensic activities, collecting data from multiple Lawful Interception sources. Investigative tools are based on powerful, deep and intuitive filtering and query capabilities, even combined with sophisticated graphical analysis functions for a prompt finding of hidden relevant information. A unified support and analysis tool for all Lawful Interception needs. 

The system provides advanced capabilities as Voice Biometrics (language recognition, speaker and gender identification, keyword spotting), Link and Text Analysis for the Lawful Interception. 

Our portfolio solutions in the Lawful Interception field includes active and passive systems for the interception of traditional telephony services systems as well as the most sophisticated Internet applications. Probes, mediation and provisioning systems can be conveniently customized to enable telecom operators and service providers to implement the Lawful Interception of content according to the specific national legal requirements.

IPS solutions meet the ETSI Lawful Interception standards and can interoperate with other vendor's equipment providing always the same capabilities.

Related features

Voice Interception (Sms, Fax, Mms)

Lawful Interception infrastructures for any type of Communication Service Provider including GSM, GPRS, UMTS, ADSL, VoIP, VoLTE according to the ETSI standards. Real time access to data, in order to archive and analyze the communications and identify the information to be used as evidence in the courts.

Relation Analysis

The traditional link analysis is not adequate to explain how a relation network is composed and how it works. The intelligence analysts have to use an advanced tool to go beyond the traditional approach based on the link analysis methodologies. IPS Lawful Interception solutions discovers and explains relationships, identifies elements of interest and trends, generate pattern analysis. Operating on a large volume of data, it provides a fast and helpful support to locate targets and making more rapid and effective the intelligence activities. It helps to increase analysts productivity providing ongoing and constantly updated support to the operational team. It delivers high performance on Social Networks, Webmails and Call data. It allows to identify the targets and key players, hierarchies and relationship in target networks, discover unknown players and new communication channels and predict the target’s activity.



Advanced reporting tools including link analysis, real time alterting, geo-location of results and statistical graphs for Lawful Interception.

Voice Biometrics

Voice Biometrics

Regarding the voice interceptions (phone calls and environmental contents), often representing the keystone to solve complex criminal cases, it is necessary to operate in-depth analysis at different levels: language recognition, speaker and gender identification, keyword spotting inside long recordings. Our Lawful Interception solutions implements a powerful engine that applies the principles of biometrics to the field of speech analysis. The resulting set of tools satisfy all the requirements: both in real-time and on previously recorded track it is able to classify the processed elements according to gender, identity and/or spoken language, as well as isolate specific words from a multi-language vocabulary.


Identification of the target's position in real-time with the possibility to combine multiple searches with an high-level accuracy.

Ip Rendering

Interception and decoding of any kind of http protocol enhanced with useful metadata extraction for Lawful Interception activities.

Administration Portal

Case Management Approach

The platform architecture is organized in logical layers that can be managed according to the investigation need helping the Case Management approach.


IPS provides tailored professional training courses and first-class workshops, continuous support and on-site consulting services for his Lawful Interception solutions. These courses are fully customizable and delivered by professionals with a long technological and investigative proven experience. IPS’s training specialists have unparalleled expertise in training and provide always a complete and advanced education to every communication intelligence need.