Open Source Intelligence

Open Source Intelligence



There are many Social Media Intelligence and OSINT solutions designed for marketing purposes and only later readapted to the needs of Intelligence Departments. Some services provide geolocated results, others trends, and statistics, few are ready to operate with the deep and dark web and hidden information inside Social Networks.

Law Enforcement Agencies and Intelligence Departments need a complete one-stop-shop solution to avoid using different tools for specific analysis. 

Only a complete system can satisfy the huge and ever-changing needs of LEAs who are facing big challenges such as terrorism, drug traffic, border control, illegal migrations, and more.

IPS' end-to-end Social Media and Open Source Intelligence platform is the solution to monitor Social Media and Forums and analyze Deep Web and Dark Web, transforming public data into valuable information. A new monitoring approach to identify the targets and fight the crime.
An advanced and fast Deep Web Analysis and Dark Web Monitoring platform, useful to operate on the latest Crypto Market, Darknet Market, and Darkweb Market. Thanks to a powerful and custom harvesting of multiple sources, the system provides dynamics analysis including also details such as metadata (IP addresses, credit card numbers, Bitcoin addresses, etc.).
A complete product suite developed for Intelligence investigations that provides the most advanced OSINT and Social Media Intelligence tools in the market with advanced algorithms of Artificial Intelligence. The platform is configurable on the fly, it is continuously updated and it is designed by professionals with a long technological and investigative proven experience.
The best OSINT solution to monitor and extract useful information from Social Media, Web, Deep and Dark Web, and Forums.

Related features


Decision Intelligence supports investigative and data analysis operations thanks to the information gathering (relating to intelligence) through different techniques on social networks, web, deep and dark web, closed databases, etc. providing the end users a big picture in real-time of what is happening.


The Semantic Analysis offers an uncomparable capability of monitoring and understanding of contents in order to interpret the real meaning of content inside traditional web pages, deep and dark web. 


Deep web is the invisible web with not indexed content by search engines. Dark web is the part of web contents that are located on darknet, specific networks that often are anonymizated. IPS platform can manage both deep and dark web to extract useful data and perform the best deep web analysis and dark web monitoring in the market.


Discover relationships, identify how users interact each other on social media, deep and dark web, explain trends and connections. The Link Analysis is an effective, intuitive and fast approach to understand what happen on Social Networks and obtain useful data to find evidences to solve the investigations. It allows to identify targets and key players, hierarchies in the target networks, recognize unknown players and predict the target's activity. The right tool for Web, Forums, Social Media, Deep and Dark Web.  


Starting from some online available data, combining different information sources and comparing the data gathered in real time with the previous data, it is possible monitoring an existing profile or create a new one, geolocate contents and understanding habits and behaviours of targets. 


IPS' Social Media Intelligence and OSINT solution is able to highlight trends in real time. Trends can arise from different situations including political, humanitarian, criminal, etc. and can be related to specific regions as well as be national or even trans-national. Advanced algorithms of Artificial Intelligence are in place to support users' daily job.



IPS provides tailored professional training courses and first-class workshops, continuous support and on-site consulting services for Social Media Intelligence and OSINT (Open Source Intelligence), Deep Web analysis, Dark Web Monitoring solutions. These courses are fully customizable and delivered by professionals with a long technological and investigative proven experience. IPS's training specialists have unparalleled expertise in training and provide always a complete and advanced education to every communication intelligence need (Lawful Interception, Unconventional IP Intelligence, Electronic Surveillance, SOCMINT and OSINT enhanced with Deep and Dark Web).