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Telco Operators and ISP need advanced interception capabilities to be compliant with national law


Telecom Operators as well as any Communication Service Provider have to support the investigations needs of the Law Enforcement Agencies with Lawful Interception capabilities.

In a world where networks and services are continuously evolving, it is growing the need of Communication Monitoring solutions providing an uncompromised level of availability and reliability, also able to reduce Total Cost of Ownership.

Thanks to its deep expertise, the knowledge of the market needs and in order to address the complexity of the Lawful Interception projects, IPS has developed a Monitoring Center Testbed for Telcos, a sophisticated testing environment providing Telecom Operators with extremely useful features to analyse the Network Lawful Interception functionalities performance and identify potential problems even before they affect the LEA experience of the service received.

The Monitoring Center Testbed interacts for testing purpose with any Network nodes involved in the LI function process in the same way as a regular Law Enforcement Monitoring Facility. It provides all the functionalities expected from such a product and further features useful to deeply analyse the test results. The product can effectively perform its task being compliant with the LI protocol interface standards (i.e.: ETSI and 3GPP) and having already been integrated with the main Mediation System and Network Switch vendors globally (with successful IOTs accomplished).

The typical use case for the product is the commissioning of a new LI service (e.g. VoLTE or 5G interception) or even the update of an existing LI service (e.g.: installation of the most recent version of a LI Handover Interface). Thanks to the Monitoring Center Testbed the Telecom Operator can easily evaluate:
  • the behaviour of the service under test in its interaction with any LEMF and its compliancy with the relevant standards;
  • how the changes implemented affect the LEAs they are serving to smoothly handle the transition.
Another interesting use case is the day by day service operation where Telecom Operators needs to assist the LEAs on specific LI activities. Operators are requested to provide clarifications for events related with the performance of the service received (e.g.: poor quality or even unintelligible data). In this case the product can be used by the Telecom Operator, in cooperation with the LEA, to:
  • analyse the specific events
  • identify the causes of the problem
  • provide evidences to explain the situation.
The Monitoring Center Testbed performs all its functionalities in compliancy with strict privacy and data protection requirements that are often mandatory for both Telecom Operators and the LEAs due to the sensitivity of the service. The sophisticated design of the product can guarantee the flexibility needed to seamlessly integrate it in any operational environment.

The combination of the features provided by the product, the regular updates made available to keep the product up to date (e.g.: compliant with the latest versions of the ETSI standards) and the continuous support service that IPS can offer to its clients defines the Monitoring Center Testbed as a perfect choice for Telecom Operators that want to reduce the cost of the LI service in terms of human resources involved in the implementation and support of the LI functionalities and at the same time improve the LEA perception of the service received.