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Telecom Operators
Internet Service Providers

Telco Operators and ISP need advanced interception capabilities to be compliant with national law


Telecom Operators as well as any Communication Service Provider have to support the investigations needs of the Law Enforcement Agencies with Lawful Interception capabilities.
In a world where networks and services are continuously evolving, it is growing the need of Communication Monitoring solutions providing an uncompromised level of availability and reliability, also able to reduce Total Cost of Ownership.
We offer our experience in the Lawful Interception market, providing modular and customizable Monitoring Centers, which allow also Deep packet Inspection and IP Monitoring activities, suitable for any type of network and compliant to the ETSI standards in the sector.

IPS provides multiple solutions for Communication Intelligence needs, including:

- Monitoring Center for Lawful Interception - a convergent platform for a unified approach to LI and Cyber multimedia contents

Social Media and Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) - the most performing platform to gather and analyse digital data from Social Media, Web, Dark Web, Forums and Closed Database

IP Intelligence - a modular solution to accomplish all the LI needs on the network sid